The name Causalus refers to causal connections. And these are exactly what we help create: our service translates the complex causalities in polypharmacy and the effects of medication adjustments into an easily understandable form.

The elderly often take too many different medications

The number of prescribed medications increases substantially when patients have multiple conditions and illnesses. Polypharmacy is a well-known risk factor especially when it comes to problems related to the medication of the elderly. Long drug lists always require specialised medication reviews, which should also be revisited whenever medication or health conditions change. However, the resources for conducting reviews are often insufficient.

Medical services in elderly homes, assisted living units and other long-term care units are limited and the available time of service providers is often spent on other issues that are perceived more urgent than medication reviews. Thus, medication can include obsolete, unnecessary or even detrimental drugs, causing superfluous costs and needless suffering to the patient. 

A comprehensive digital medication review

A traditional medication review requires a lot of manual work from the professional at hand (doctor or pharmacist), especially in terms of data mining and fusion. The cloud-based Causalus software (patent pending) has been developed to solve problems related to polypharmacy.

The software makes it easier and faster to review, monitor and standardise complex medication regimens. The accompanying remote pharmacist service makes the advice and opinions of medication experts available to doctors and nursing staff, as well as enhances multiprofessional collaboration.

Causalus software is a CE-marked medical device, and thus suitable for use in healthcare settings.
What does Causalus do and for whom?
Causalus is a service comprising of cloud-based software and long-distance pharmacist service. It reviews and monitors the administration of medication. Causalus has been primarily developed to rationalise the complexity of polypharmacy used for senior patients.
Causalus is a tool for professionals. The service’s primary users are nurses,
pharmacists and doctors.

The software analyses the patient’s medication and health condition, and presents this information in a clear visualisation. The programme assists healthcare professionals in recognising risks and possible problems in the patient’s overall medication regimen. The long-distance pharmacist supports the work of doctors and nurses by offering advice and solutions to support decision-making.
Differential diagnosis
Diagnosis practice that differentiates and visualises the symptoms caused by medicines and the actual illness or condition.
Drug therapy outcome monitoring
Digital tool to track medication, symptoms and their correlation for each patient.
Communication platform for professionals
A transparent, digital and smart review and communication tool for different professional groups in the field of healthcare.
Standardised medicinal care
A unified medication monitoring programme for all patients and for all patient information systems
Better quality of life for the elderly thanks to a rationalised process of medical care
The Causalus software and remote pharmacist service has been developed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals to solve everyday problems arising in the field of care work. The service benefits especially patients whose medication regimen is being optimised. In addition, Causalus brings notable benefits in efficiency, safety and monitoring for doctors, pharmacists and nursing staff. An improved quality of medicinal care has a direct positive impact on both companies dedicated to the nursing sector as well as society at large.

The elderly and care home residents

our promise:
Better quality of life through rational medication
Concrete benefits:
+ Improved patient safety
+ Enhanced quality of life 
+ Enhanced action levels 
+ Less adverse effects from medication
+ Cost savings in medication spending

Doctors, pharmacists and nursing staff

our promise:
More time for other tasks, and improvement of professional skills
Concrete benefits:
+ Improved medication expertise
+ Enhanced professional knowledge
+ Speedier medication reviews
+ Easier tracking of medication adjustments
+ Enhanced work efficiency and more time for other tasks

Care work companies and society

our promise:
Safe, transparent and cost-efficient medicinal care
Concrete benefits:
+ Improved patient / customer safety
+ Better service quality
+ Greater resource efficiency
+ Less costs directed to special health care deriving from adverse effects of medication
+ Less spending on medication

Do you know how well the medication safety and monitoring is handled in your unit?

This free audit questionnaire for healthcare professionals provides you with an initial view of ​​the current status of medication safety in your care unit.