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We improve the quality of life of elderly people by optimising the use of medicines. Our service minimises the adverse effects and maximises the benefits of medication.
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A passion for the rationalisation of medication

The story of Causalus started with an experienced pharmacist's passion to improve medication administration in elderly care homes. Pauli Puirava has conducted medication reviews since 2009. In his work, he has witnessed how multiprofessional assessments in care homes have repeatedly resulted in a positive impact on patient health, lower spending on medicines, and more available staff resources. Causalus is a step further – a service for any care home.

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Medication review solutions with professional support

Our Causalus software has been developed to solve problems related to polypharmacy. Alongside medicine dosages and interactions, the software tracks responses to treatment and possible adverse effects. The rational digital review of medication has been combined with remote pharmacist services.

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