Causalus is a service developed by healthcare professionals, solving medication problems occurring in care work and improving the condition of patients. Additionally, the software improves professional competence and frees up resources.
Improved Condition of Patients, Decreased Dependency of Care and Risk of Accidents
Improved Medication Safety and Diminished Adverse Effects
The Service Helps to Meet Official Care Requirements, Speeding up the Medical Work.
Pharmaceutical symptoms are common. For instance, dizziness may cause falls. With medication optimization, symptoms can be minimized. Both the physical performance and the quality of life of patients improve when adverse effects caused by medication diminish or completely disappear.
Our service identifies drug interactions and numerous other factors causing symptoms affecting negatively on the quality of life. This way we can ensure the most cost-efficient medication monitoring.
In our cloud-based service, the medication data is always up-to-date and transparent. This ensures easy and straightforward monitoring of the effectiveness of medication changes and thus ensures adherence to official care requirements.
“With Causalus Software, medication monitoring has become easier and more systematic. Now each of our caretakers participates in the monitoring. With the right medication, the symptoms of our patients have diminished and their condition has improved. They have become more physically active. This has improved the quality of life of our patients significantly. We have learned a lot about the effects of medication on individuals.”
Head Nurse Maria Juuso, Villa Tapiola
75% of nurses noticed a decrease in the restlessness of patients, and 70% noted a decrease in aggressive behavior within 18 months of using Causalus service.
Adverse effect points decreased by 25.6% on average. One or more adverse effects disappeared in 15 patients out of 44.
Haittaoirepisteet vähenivät keskim. 25.6% ja 15 asukkaalla 44:stä katosi vähintään yksi oire kokonaan.
“Using Causalus software has been surprisingly easy, and this digital tool helps medication monitoring significantly.”
Head Nurse, Sanna Kivimäki, Puotila Nursing Home
Causalus scores 67 points in NPS in the Gauis Foundation user survey. An NPS score (Net Promoter Score Index) over 50 indicates an excellent result.
Causalus has been in use in Puotila Nursing Home and Heseva Home for 12 months.
Haittaoirepisteet vähenivät keskimäärin 19%
“Reviewing the effects of medication was considered rather challenging previously. Causalus software helped in both monitoring and reviewing medication. Now, more attention is brought to medication implementation and medication review, and topics related to medication are more openly discussed in our work community.”
Unit Manager Viva Sippola, Rinnekoti Foundation
Nurse logs patient's medication on the software and monitors the symptoms.
The software alerts when risks in the medication are noticed.
With a symptom diary, pharmacist can perform a medication assessment and suggest changes if needed.
Physician approves or declines suggested changes and documents them in the treatment plan.
Nurses participating in the care receive a report and monitor the effects of medication changes on symptoms.
The Service, starting at 3€/patient / month,
features for example:
Comprehensive database (for instance, summary of product characteristics (SPC), Fimea Drug 75+, interactions, kidney data)
Continuous medication and condition monitoring
Adverse effect / symptom database curated by pharmacists
Calendar view for identifying adverse effects effortlessly
Reminders and notifications for monitoring medication changes
Secure communication channel for professional information exchange
Targeted medication safety reports on patient, unit, and organizational levels
Targeted medication safety reports on patient, unit, and organizational levels
CE-marked medical device
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