Causalus is a service developed by healthcare professionals to minimize adverse effects of medication and improve physical well-being.
Let's optimize your medication so that you will feel better!
Rationalized Medication Will Enhance Your Functional Capacity and Improve the Quality of Life.
When Adverse Effects are Diminished, the Sense of Safety Increases, and the Risk of Accidents Decreases.
Optimized Medication Often Means Fewer Medications Required, Resulting in Lower Expenses for You.
Most medication can cause unpleasant symptoms, such as, dizziness, drowsiness, or restlessness. Among other factors, our service recognizes drug interactions, and helps you optimize your medication and get rid of the symptoms.
Adverse events related to medication are extremely common. They are one of the most common reasons for hospitalization. When your medication is reviewed and symptoms are diminished, you can feel safe again.
With the unique medication review and monitoring service by Causalus, we optimize your medication so that you can get the best result out of your medication without redundant adverse effects or excess costs.
“I suffered from unexplained symptoms for a long period of time, but I didn't get help from the healthcare services. I used to take 12 different medications regularly. With the help of medication optimization, the adverse effects diminished and my condition improved so much I was able to return to work from a long sick leave."
Male, 60 years old, Type 2 diabetes & blood pressure medication
“My 86-year-old mother, still living at home, suffered from sudden confusion and disorientation. As a result of continuous doctor's visits, she had ended up with 9 different pills on her medication list. However, after a medication review, changes were made in her medication, and some drugs were dropped. My mother's confusion and disorientation went away."
Female, 60 years old, on her mother, 86 years old, living at home with the support of occational home care
Download the app and log your medication and symptoms.
The service analyzes your medication and alerts you if any risks are noticed.
Book an online consultation with our pharmacist, who will then create a plan for medication optimization based on your data.
A physician at our online clinic reviews the plan made by the pharmacist and confirms the medication optimization actions.
Continuous symptom monitoring on the app supports monitoring the medication changes.
A Service for Consumers,
Published in early 2022, Featuring:
Symptom monitoring tool
Information about your medication and doses
Analysis on your medication risks
Personal pharmacist & team of physicians
Medication optimization action plan
Medication optimization actions
Continuous monitoring and controls
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Join our mailing list and get notified about the launch exclusively beforehand!
Your symptoms are not necessarily related to your age or a physical illness. Those symptoms might be adverse effects of your medication. Take our anonymous survey and discover if you are affected by this.