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Causalus - rationalizing medication
The amount of medications increase substantially when patients have multiple conditions and illnesses. Polypharmacy is a well-known risk factor especially when it comes to problems related to the medication of the elderly. Long drug lists always require specialised medication reviews, which should also be revisited whenever medication or health conditions change. However, the resources for conducting reviews are often insufficient. Medical services in elderly homes, assisted living units and other long-term care units are limited and the available time from service providers is often spent on other issues that are perceived more urgent than medication reviews. Thus, medication can include obsolete, unnecessary or even detrimental drugs, causing superfluous costs and needless suffering to the patient.

Pharmanalysis Ltd is developing Causalus -software to solve the challenges related to polypharmacy. Causalus makes it easier and faster to review, monitor and standardise complex medications. With Causalus- software, we are digitalising the specialist know-how required for medication reviews.  The software tracks not just drug dosing and interactions, but also treatment responses and possible side effects.

The company was founded in 2018, and we operate from Helsinki, Finland. We are trusted not only by our customers, but also the top-tier VC company in Finland, Icebreaker VC. Currently we serve customers mainly in Finland, but are looking for customers and cooperation partners abroad as well.
the team
Top talent is determined to tackle the massive polypharmacy problem
One of the co-founders, pharmacist Pauli Puirava, has been conducting medication reviews since 2009. The multiprofessional reviews in care homes have repeatedly resulted in medication changes, often followed up with both health benefits and cost savings. Other team members are professionals from the fields of healthcare, IT and product/business development. The team combines decades of experience from clinical knowhow, digital technology and new business.
Pauli Puirava
Sirkku Karinen
PhD (Med.), MSc (CS)
Panu Keski-Pukkila
MSc (Econ.)
Wintom Zecarias
Jouko Laurila
Medical advisor
MD, PhD (Med.), geriatrician
Jukka Silvennoinen
Lead Developer
PhD (Computer Information Systems), MEng (Information Management), BSc (Electrical Automation Engineering)
Alexander Samaletdin
Lead Architect
MSc (CS)
Mikko Johansson
Technical advisor
Joel Pyykkö
Technical advisor
PhD (CS)
contact info
We are looking forward to help you revolutionize medication reviews!
Interested in what we do and want to pilot the solution? Or do you want to join the team as an employee, an advisor or an investor? We are eager to discuss collaboration opportunities outside of Finland, too.

Our solution for medication management is universal and scalable, and can be applied pretty much any place where polypharmacy presents challenges. Get in touch as soon as possible, and let's see what we can do together!
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