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Causalus software is now CE certified
Helsinki-based health tech company Causalus Oy has announced medical device CE marking for their first product.
The impact of Corona-isolation to the wellbeing of the eldery and their polypharmacy risks
American psychological association APA wrote in March about risks that coronavirus isolation poses for health of older adults. Loneliness and isolation have negative impact on elderly physical and mental wellbeing and mortality which may increase even more during coronavirus isolation.
Stumbling blocks in medication of the elderly – and how to get around them
Medication of the elderly is spoken about quite a bit, and we've gotten to read about problems with medications among the elderly in the media. Issues with medication have appeared extensively and frequently, particularly in different assisted living units.
What does a medication review mean?
Over the years, there has been a well-established term in Finnish health care, and more specifically in the pharmaceutical field, referring to the overall review of medication, more commonly known as "LHKA".

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