"When Pauli comes by, the seniors come to life."
It all started with a question: How to give as many seniors as possible the benefit of rational pharmaceutical care? The question Pauli Puirava posed in 2016 now has an answer. Causalus.

Pauli grew up in a family of pharmacists and the opportunities and challenges related to medication captivated him already as a child and laid out his career prospects. When Pauli completed his studies in pharmacy, a traditional job behind the counter was not what interested him. A study trip to England gave him a thirst for fieldwork. He returned home from the trip with an intriguing idea.

Multiprofessional collaboration as an answer to medicinal care

While in England, Pauli learned of a model where every hospital ward had an assigned pharmacist. Professionals from several disciplines were encouraged to work together, which allowed patient medications to be optimised. This experience served as an incentive for Pauli to pursue a specialised qualification in Medication Review (MR) in Finland. 

Pauli started to conduct reviews in care homes – with good success. In many homes, Pauli's visits were highly anticipated because the findings of his work clearly led to improvements in everyday life in care homes. The wellbeing of residents took a positive turn, more staff resources became available for other tasks, and the costs of medicine spending lowered.

Safe medicinal care for every care home

Pauli has been conducting medication reviews in care homes since 2009, already a decade. The effective and first-rate work being done in order to enhance the wellbeing of residents in care homes made him consider how safe and efficient pharmaceutical care could be offered to them regardless of the size of the care unit.

Pauli started to tinker with the idea of a digital tool to help track and review medicine administration continuously as a multiprofessional practice. 

He first presented the idea to the geriatrician Jouko Laurila and soon afterwards teamed up with a group of researchers, programming wizards and business professionals who joined forces to pursue this important aim.

Now this one-man vision has become the common vision of the whole Causalus team. We want to make our medication review and monitoring service available to everyone so that nobody need suffer from adverse effects of medication or inefficient medicinal care.

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pauli puirava in the finnish media
Results from Pauli's work: Case Veikkola

Pauli started a collaboration with the Tammikartano elderly home in Veikkola, Finland. The medication review lasted for a year. The medication combinations of 18 participating residents were adjusted and monitored.

The results were carefully tracked and an efficiency review was conducted. The findings speak for themselves.

In addition to impressive numbers, the trial also resulted in significant humane accomplishments. The participating seniors learned to eat again, and their activity levels and mobility improved. Sleeping troubles, pains and nausea decreased. The residents’ enhanced wellbeing also made the work of nursing staff easier and resulted in resource savings for the elderly home.


seniors participating in the study


fewer medicine doses yearly


medicines less per senior

600–700 €

in direct medicine savings per senior

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